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The family owned company Jelínek-MDT has a long tradition. It offers a wide range of services and products. The main pillar of our production are parts for transformers and electrical engineering - energetics industries, which are made of various materials according to specific customer requirements in a very short delivery time. Production is very flexible thanks to modern machinery. Quality and reasonable prices come first. We are experts in transformers, specialists in a wide range of parts and your consultants in the development of new products. Jsme odborníci na transformátory, specialisté na širokou škálu dílů a vaši poradci ve vývoji nových výrobků.

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“It was 1996 and I was 24 years old. From the money I saved, I bought the first milling machine and made a deer’s head in my home workshop in Veltruby. I placed it into the logo of just emerging company Jelínek-MDT. The deer is a symbol that has accompanied me since birth. I perceive it as a brand of quality and I built my company on the same basis. “

Signature: Josef Jelínek, owner of Jelínek-MDT


At the end of 2023, a joint stock company named Jelínek - MDT, a.s. was established. At the beginning of 2024 we officialy opened a new welding plant.


Like other companies in these years, our company was also affected by Covid, changes in energy and material prices. Thanks to our long-term suppliers, we had a secure supply of materials and production was covered for our customers.
Even at this time, we have invested in expanding our machinery and equipment to offer our customers a broader portfolio of products and services.
Certification for welding of rolling stock ČSN EN 15085-2 and ČSN EN ISO 3834-2 was completed. Production according to these standards will already be carried out in the new welding shop.
We have expanded our machine park with a finishing grinder, electrochemical cleaning, welding press, 2 electric VZV, 1 electric platform truck and 3 electric vehicles.
In the short term, we plan to purchase a CNC lathe with powered tools, 6 kW Fiber laser, PV and cladding for another hall.


The year 2020 is marked by great changes. The deburring and grinding Gecam G110 has joined the family of machines, which will allow us to be even more efficient. New welding premises are coming up on 300 m2 of free space. Standards for rail vehicles are being prepared, and so that the innovations are not just technical, the expected investment in planting greenery comes next, which everyone is looking forward to. The plan is to plant mature linden trees directly on the company's premises. Are we going to see a deer too?


The company is growing at a great pace and it is necessary to look for bigger premises. There is a plot of land in the neighborhood which is another 7,500 m2. Thanks to the size of the site and new opportunities, a separate CNC machining shop is being built.


Large investments are being made in new technological equipment in cooperation with the European Regional Development Fund. The subject of the project is the acquisition of a new CNC vertical milling center, laser cutting center and bending press:

1 Vertical CNC centre (2016) F500 Profika – implemented 2016_IV Q.

2 Laser BySprint Fiber 3015 Bystronic (2017) – implemented 2017_IV Q.

3 CNC bending press (2017) Bystronic Xpert 100/2550 – implemented 2017_II Q. The acquisition of modern technologies will speed up the production process, increase capacity and start production of our own range of housings for transformer stations.


The company's prosperity continues and the processing of insulation boards according to the required dimensions is added to the existing production, in accordance with the EN standard for EPGC 201 and 203. The company's growth does not end there, profiled bars "dog bones" and other types of insulation materials are modified according to the customer's wishes.


The company expanded so much that it was necessary to find a new premises. These were found in Velký Osek, with a site of 2,500 m2. 1.800 m2 of the site was uset to build production hall and warehouse.


Founding Jelínek-MDT is the begining of production of transformer components and large fixing parts fo KW transformers. Production is currently only for JB Transformatoren GmbH, which starts operating in Veltruby. Subsequently, the company expands beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and extends its product range with parts for customers producing transformers mainly in Austria and Germany.

“Within a few years, we were able to supply a ftiout of transformers using our fastening components. We started producing outlets, connecting parts, rails for terminals and weldments. We went even further and created similar parts for power switchboards, including the installation of copper equipment. We can process steel, copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel material, technical plastics on the most modern machines, all according to the customer’s wishes in required surface treatment. “


Signature: Josef Jelínek

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