Machinery portfolio

During the production of parts for transformers, we use modern, reliable and accurate technologies.

We use modern range
of machinery.

Complete metalworking
services available.

We provide
custom individualization.

We always learn to be up to date
with new technologies.

We use modern technologies

We have modern machinery at our disposal, which enables us to deliver precise and high-quality laser burning, CNC metal machining, pressing, cutting, bending, cutting and welding of materials.

Shooting of fasteners
Sheet metal scoring machine
Hydraulic press
Drill press
Large formatting saw + dividing saw
CNC saw for cutting bar material
Welding workstation MIG, TIG
CNC lathe Hyundai
RWT deburring and grinding unit
Dugard CNC machining stations
Hyundai CNC machining stations WIA F 500 Plus
Trumf CNC bending press 1m
Bystronic CNC bending press 2,5m
Bystronic Fibre Laser

Find out more about our custom production

Call us to find out more about our custom production. Components for energetics industry are manufactured in Velký Osek town. We supply our production not only in Czech Republic but also to customers in other European countries.

Manufacturing of parts for transformers

We only make the top quality products with maximul accuracy for energetics industry. This is achieved by use of modern machinery, which we are happy to engage in the production of your orders.

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