Manufacturing of transformer parts

We provide complex manufacturing of transformer parts and parts for energetics equipment.

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range of parts.

We manufacture small
and large scale products.

Customized parts

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Complex manufacturing of energetics technical parts

We manufacture a comprehensive range of parts for transformers of any design and size. We provide both sales of standard parts for energy technology and custom production of atypical parts. We will custom manufacture transformer coolers, mounting and connecting parts, transformer cores and any other parts for transformers. Part of our services is the production of parts for electrical engineering and energy production as well as the production of components for rail vehicles.

Transformer parts

Transformer cores
MS insulation
Housing for transformers
Rails for terminals
Fixing parts
Outlets and connecting parts

Parts for electromechanical and energetics industries


Parts for rail vehicles


Other services

We also provide precision metalworking of production parts, welding and cutting of metals and machining of plastics.
Manufacturing of coolers
Fiber laser cutting, deburring, chamfering
CNC pressing, bending
CNC machining on milling stations
CNC turning
CNC material cutting
Welding, soldering, gluing
Plastics machining
Sale of technical plastics
Sale of non-ferrous metals

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Utilise professional production of components for transformers and power engineering by Czech based company Jelínek – MDT. Proffesionals in our field. We supply our parts not only to electrical engineering companies in the Czech Republic, but also to the whole of Europe. Call us and find out about the product range of finished products and custom production of parts for electrical engineering.

We produce metal and plastic parts

We produce components for transformers and energetics industry from metals and plastics. We commonly machine, bend and weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass as well as plastic materials PA6, POM, EPGC and many others. We use our own specialised workstation for the processing of plastics and the production of insulators. Processing and machining of any material is no problem at all.

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